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LoriMak Newsletter Second Edition (MAY)


Written By: Melody Phiri (Recruitment Consultant)

Co Authored;


Welcome to this month’s newsletter! We are honored you took this opportunity to read this letter; We hope we will all benefit from the information shared within this article. We are introducing the Employer’s Corner (Client) to boost rationale about the need to make use of Recruitment Services for a better chance at getting the right kind of talent at our hustle, not yours. Sit back and relax whilst we do the Job. In this month’s issue let’s address one of the vital questions often thrown our way by clients as we take this opportunity to respond to your questions.

FAQs by Clients to LoriMak Executive Recruitment

Question:        How do you benefit from consulting a recruitment specialist when hiring?

Answer:            The benefit of using us comes from the fact that we work with both employers who are searching for   talent, and professionals who are on the hunt for career opportunities. In short we operate as an intermediary between the two parties. The knowledge our recruitment consultants possess about how to avoid hiring a bad candidate and our precise recruitment process is extremely valuable; we know who is looking for work, how capable they are, and what sort of a salary expectations people have.

Our team is also aware that at times the 'ideal candidate' is often the one who is not actively looking for a new job but would be open to one if the right opportunity presented itself. Our recruitment consultants have strong networks and a clear idea of where to find these individuals.

Are you still battling the idea to use us for your special hiring need? Contact us today on the contact details below so we can help you understand and make the best decision for management and the whole organisation!


Written By: Ruvimbo Meda (Head Organizational Development)

For business leaders, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated unprecedented change. More than ever, the health of businesses is urgently and visibly linked with the health of workforces, the health of our society, and the health of our planet. Previously unimaginable shifts in our daily lives are compelling companies to adapt quickly and identify creative, unconventional ways to operate and survive. Worldwide uncertainty makes it more difficult for leaders to find their footing and those who like to operate from a place of clarity are finding few ports in this global storm.


The question most leaders are facing, then, is this: How do we move forward in such uniquely uncertain circumstances? Positive, effective leadership helps us navigate crises, rebuild communities, and forge ahead in moments of ambiguity. But with so many challenges colliding at once, many leaders may be struggling to chart a clear way forward.


To gain that foothold and respond effectively, leaders should act on three imperatives:

1.      Clarifying your purpose,

2.      Supporting your stakeholders, and

3.      Bolstering your emotional and organizational resilience



LoriMak Organizational Development department will assist your Leaders to rediscover or reemphasize your purpose. Leaders during these uncertain times should consider pulling back and reminding themselves of their guiding principles. For more information on our Leadership and Management training workshops Contact us on 0242 782935/776764 and we will assist you in mapping a way forward.




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