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Quality Assurance Manager Inviting Applications




To raise the quality standard of the Group to world class level by implementing quality systems and audits to achieve the desired standards.


          Determining, negotiating and agreeing on in-house quality procedures (SOPs), standards and specifications for the farming & distribution operations.

          Assessing and monitoring the performance of the farming & distribution operations to ensure that the agreed quality standards are met.

          Specifying the quality of raw materials to be used as inputs at the farms.

          Investigating and setting standards for quality, health and safety for the farms.

          Determining the training needs that will enable the farming and distribution operations meet the agreed quality standards.

          Acting as a catalyst for change and improvement in performance and quality management.

          Formulate systems for quality audits.

          Carry out internal audits on the quality management systems.

          Work closely with the farm assurers to arrange, co-ordinate and participate in the external quality audits.

          Review and report the principle causes of quality loss, non-conformance and make recommendations on how to improve.

          Work closely with consultants and farm assurers to implement PIP, CIP and Global Gap.

          Work together with the statistician to record, analyse and distribute statistical information on quality management performance.


1.       A strong First University Degree or First-Class Diploma in Agriculture with relevant experience.

2.       A relevant qualification in business is an added advantage.

3.       Minimum 5 years’ experience in Horticulture or other fruit related industries

4.       Excellent computer skills, particularly Microsoft Excel, Word, and Power Point plus experience with Sage Evolution. 

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