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·       The GM will assist in developing and getting approval of business strategy and develop annual business plans to achieve the long-term strategy.

·       The GM will have the overall responsibility of managing the funeral business unit, with overall responsibility for formulating and getting approval of the strategy, managing its operations, its finances, and its people.

·       Overseeing daily funeral business operations.

·       Developing and implementing growth strategies.

·       Training low-level managers and staff.

·       Creating and managing budgets.

·       Improving revenue.

·       Hiring employees.

·       Evaluating performance and productivity.

·       Analyzing accounting and financial data.

·       Researching and identifying growth opportunities.

·       Generating reports and giving presentations.


1.     Must be a top-notch marketer, with a knack for closing sales deals in B2B funeral services products in addition to retail products

2.     An Undergraduate Degree in Business Management or Business Administration.

3.     A Masters Degree will be an added advantage

4.     Experience in management of a profit and loss operation may be an added advantage.


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