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Written By: Melody Phiri (Recruitment Consultant)

Co Authored; Matifadza Makoni

This Month in Recruitment:


As the best recruiting agency in Zimbabwe which is expanding the region LoriMak have dedicated the first Quarter of 2021 (Q1) to a vast revamp and expansion of the Recruitment Database to ensure efficiency in candidate sourcing. This initiative will see the reduction of common candidate sourcing hurdles which include low number of candidates who apply for positions, applications by candidates not meeting expectations and difficulty in getting in touch with candidate leads amongst others and most importantly the database expansion will ensure hire within our Clients timelines. LoriMak thus encourage job seekers to send through their Updated CVs to the recruitment team (Contact details below) to enable registration in the database.


LoriMak Recruitment takes pride in helping organizations acquire the right talent by providing an experienced and highly skilled talent pool from our database and other recruitment methods which we employ. Our recruitment process involves the following steps:

1st Step                   :Understanding of Job  

  Requirements from Client

2nd Step                : Profile the Job

3rd Step                  : Candidate Sources

4th Step                  : Preliminary Interviews

5th Step                  : Interview Report

6th Step                  : Disengage

In this month’s issue we will elaborate further on the 4th Step to help clients and candidates understand this stage and are more prepared when it happens.


A Preliminary Interview in simpler terms is the initial meeting between Recruiters and candidates to gather basic information about how an applicant's goals, skills and qualifications can benefit a company's needs. A preliminary interview can possibly result in a “no” decision, therefore one has a 50/50 chance of being “recommended” for the position or being dropped.

Tips To Ace the Preliminary Interview:

As mentioned earlier, this is a chance to demonstrate yourself to the employer/recruiter, therefore as much as it is not the Official Interview, you need to be well prepared and give it your all. Follow these tips;

ü  Research well about the position

ü  Research well about the company

ü  Dress to Impress

ü  Be confident

ü  Be early for the Interview

ü  Carry any other required documentation.



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